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This Louisville startup wants to hit payday lenders where they live

David Serchuk Reporter Louisville Business First Email LOUISVILLE–Chris Blakely is a man on a mission. Hes dedicating his life and career to help people find an alternative to high-interest loans. Blakely is the founder and CEO of Credit Fair-E, a Louisville startup dedicated to providing small, comparatively affordable loans to what he calls the large […]

Make Up with Your Credit for Valentine’s Day

Rekindling the Flame: Building Credit No relationship will ever work if it gets to be stagnant. It’s great to repair your credit, but you have to work on building it and making it stronger too. How do you do this? There are a few ways to start. Apply for a gas card or a secured […]

Ask Stacy: How Do I Start Over After 21 Years in Prison?

The short answer to your question, Bearl, is that you start over the same way people have for eons: by putting one foot in front of the other. The first thing to understand is that youre not alone, or even rare. Not to downplay your hardship: Youve got a tough row to hoe. But the world […]

Skypass Visa Offers Airlines Miles on a Secured Credit Card

Most secured credit cards are set up the same way: you deposit money into your account and this serves as the spending limit on the card. Then, you build your credit by making timely payments every month. This credit-building feature is the main reason a person usually applies for a secured credit card. But the […]

5 Reasons Your Credit Card Application Got Rejected

Let’s face it: Finding a credit card that meets your needs can be challenging. If your application gets rejected, its natural to feel a little miffed – especially when youre not sure why you were denied. Here are five common reasons credit card applications get turned down, and what you can do about it. 1. […]

BBB: Secured credit cards can help rebuild credit

The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is offering up some suggestions for those trying to rebuild bad credit as a result of financial difficulty or no credit for consumers such as recent college graduates.According to BBB Accredited Business of San Francisco, a good secured credit card can be a lifeline for those with bad […]

6 ways to build credit without a credit card

Whether youre new to using credit or have made a few dire credit mistakes in the past and need to rebuild, growing a robust and positive credit historycan dictate the interest rates youre offered when financing a big-ticket purchase, like a car or home, or whether you can obtain a loan at all. Generally, shoppers […]

Hazards of Renting a Car with No Credit Card

If you don’t have a credit card, it’s possible to rent a car with a debit card or even with cash. However, there are challenges and risks involved. Why you’re seen as a risk to a rental company Cash rentals are riskier for car rental agencies because it can be difficult or impossible for them […]

Quality Credit Repair Now Offering Free Credit Consultations

Philadelphia, PA — (ReleaseWire) — 12/24/2014 — Whether looking to purchase a car or take out a mortgage, credit plays a major factor in everyones life. Since a credit score is the backbone to ones financial capabilities, individuals strive to better their rating. Unfortunately, with all of the factors that go into determining the score, […]

The Best Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has different causes. For some, credit card debt goes out of control. For others, a medical event or job layoff sends the budget into a tailspin. The one common thread is that there wasnt money to pay the bills. Life after bankruptcy invariably means living on a leaner budget. It also means finding a […]

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