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April, 2015

National Funding CEO: Small Business Loan Market Is in ‘Hypergrowth’

About seven years ago, David Gilbert, president and CEO of small-business lender National Funding, was at the helm of a company struggling to stay afloat. The financial crisis sent some of its partner banks heading for the exits. Business had dried up, and the company was forced to cut staff. Today, Gilbert faces a different […]

Retirement hope fades for ex-Creative Memories employee

But Hesse is nowhere closer to recovering her money. And now circumstances have dictated that she could use it more than ever. Shes 60, had a couple of serious medical issues and lost her 41-year-old son to thyroid cancer last September. Extra expenses from those events are increasingly affecting her way of living. This property, […]

6 finance apps you can’t do without

As my son, Ian, is growing up, Im teaching him how to manage his money. I stress the importance of saving, how to make good decisions about what to buy, the value of work and other essentials lessons. But I keep realizing that, no matter how well I prepare him, theres still a huge difference […]

How to build good credit without debt

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Building creditworthiness is essential for home buyers, but is problematic for people who dont have credit cards, car payments or house payments. According to credit rating service Fair Isaac, 53 million Americans dont have a credit score, but a new credit scoring system may help people build their credit rating. […]

Who’s Chicago’s highest-paid biz bank chief?

MB Financial CEO Mitchell Feiger has reclaimed the mantle of highest-paid locally based commercial bank chief. Feigers 2014 compensation totaled $3.6 million, up 24 percent from $2.9 million in 2013. The increase was due largely to MB Financials completion last year of its $680 million acquisition of the parent of Cole Taylor Bank. Feiger outpaced […]

B2B Payments Brings Major Growth To ACH Volume

The volume of Automatic Clearing House payments spiked to nearly 23 billion electronic payments in 2014, and B2B payments played a major role in that growth, according to new data released Thursday (April 16). NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association released the figures of its latest survey of ACH, revealing that more than $40 trillion […]

Depression and the keys to happiness

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’ Wren Scott committed suicide last year. There have been different speculations as to the reason. Unfortunately, suicide often is a response to deep depression. Hanging herself in her apartment was a quick and reckless way out of her despair. Americans are more depressed than ever. More than $16 billion was spent […]

Lost River

A film getting booed at its Cannes premiere is nothing newclassics like LAvventura and The Tree of Life have received rough treatment at the prestigious film festival, the initial reaction by some (and certainly not all) in attendance not necessarily an indication of how they would later be judged. If anything, the ignominy can be […]

Kingston Town Meeting casts eye on new police station, school HVAC and open …

With Town Meeting approving $30,000 for consulting services Saturday, replacing Kingstons police station looks to be a priority for the town. While the vote approving the spending was not unanimous, opposition was minimal after Police Chief Maurice Splaine detailed the multiple ways the police station is deficient structurally and more importantly does not meet the […]

The BBVA-El Celler de Can Roca tour visits U.S., Argentina and Turkey this …

HOUSTON, April 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –The second annual collaboration between BBVA and El Celler de Can Roca will bring the trio of brothers who own the famed Spanish restaurant to three countries on three continents Buenos Aires in Argentina; Miami, Houston and Birmingham, Ala., in the US; and Istanbul in Turkey. The Roca brothers and […]

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