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October, 2014

Lender says no? Tips and tricks for increasing your borrowing capacity

Have you been refused a loan and concerned about looking elsewhere? While there are a number of reasons you may not be eligible for the home loan you need, one may be that you aren’t seen as “serviceable”. This, essentially, means that you are not deemed able to pay off the loan due to calculations […]

Can you Really Help Your Fav Charity with Every Purchase You Make on a …

For some, swiping a debit card in a checkout line is more than just a way to pay for something. Its an act of personal expression and a way to show the world (or at least the cashier) whats most important to them. So-called affinity debit cards are issued by a company or bank and […]

How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy — Fast

Its about as popular as a root canal or a blown tire on the freeway. Yet like both of those dreaded occurrences, filing for bankruptcy is commonplace in modern America. In 2013 1,107,699 individuals and businesses in the US had to file for bankruptcy according to government data. While its pretty safe to say that […]

Bankruptcy Consequences

You can obtain a secured card at many banks and credit unions. Beware of offers from companies promising to help you get a credit card despite your financial history. They may simply be scam artists, according to the National Consumers League. For more on safe ways to get cards, read Secured Credit Cards and Getting […]

Apple Pay debuts at some stores

Apply Pay is now a real thing, meaning you can pay for a burger with the swipe of your phone. Apple pay lets you buy things with a wave of the phone, if you have an iPhone 6. Its not just a novel idea, its supposed to be more secure than using a credit card. […]

Banking Up Is Awarded Innovation Fund Research Contract by the US Treasury …

The US Department of the Treasury has awarded a project contract to Banking Up to evaluate an innovative approach for strengthening low income Americans access to consumer credit, as part of the Treasurys Innovation Fund initiative. New York, NY (PRWEB) October 20, 2014 The prepaid industry has grown immensely in the past 5 years, but […]

Ways to Get a Credit Card after Bankruptcy

Rebuilding your financial life after bankruptcy is not easy. Your credit score has taken a tremendous hit and needs to be increased. This will take time but you must be diligent in working toward this goal. One way for people with bad credit to do this is through the proper use of a credit card. […]

How Fort Lauderdale Residents Can Benefit From a PriorityONE Visa Secured …

Poor or no credit can burden many borrowers with high-interest rate credit cards and keep some from gaining a line of credit at all.¬†PriorityONE Credit Union in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., understands that credit can be vital in getting through to the next paycheck or in the case of a unexpected expenses, such as a car […]

Build Your Credit Score

Getting your first credit card can be a challenge. Few banks will offer a credit card to someone without a credit history, so how do you build that history?¬† You’re not facing this problem alone.¬† About 50 million Americans don’t have a credit history. That can make it difficult to buy a car or a […]

Fitch Rates Realty Income’s $250MM 4.125% Sr. Unsecured Notes Due 2026 …

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fitch Ratings has assigned a BBB+ credit rating to the $250 million aggregate principal amount 4.125% coupon senior unsecured notes due 2026 issued by Realty Income Corporation (NYSE: O, Realty Income). The notes were priced at 99.499% of par to yield 4.178% to maturity, or 160 basis points over the benchmark treasury rate. […]

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