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Why a Self-Managed LOS Is Worth the Extra Work

An increasingly homogenized loan product environment is driving mortgage lenders down other avenues of competitive differentiation. For lenders with yearly origination volume of over $500 million, customized origination technology can offer just such a competitive edge. With a customized loan origination system platform, lenders are better positioned to attract top-tier personnel, provide a better borrower […]

Nontraditional Ways to Find Funding When Banks Won’t Help

A woman approached me a few weeks ago with a question about how to get approved for a credit card with a subprime credit score. This woman, we’ll call her Allie, had a short-term cash flow problem. She’d soon earn income working for a volunteer organization, but she needed $1,500 to relocate for her new […]

The Invisible Victims of Identity Theft: Our Kids

Somewhere between 10 million and 16 million Americans get “got” by fraudsters working the seams of identity-related crime every year. The methods are many and various. There are, of course, the familiar scams and frauds, but one harder to detect area of exploitation is child identity theft. So why are children a target for identity […]

LQD grabs $30 mln from Route 66 Ventures

Chicago-based small business lender LQD Business Finance has secured $30 million in financing. The investor was Route 66 Ventures. PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — LQD Business Finance, a Chicago-based small business lending firm, has closed a $30 million credit facility with Route 66 Ventures. The credit facility will help LQD accelerate growth […]

Consumers going deeper into debt

US consumers continue¬†to run up household debt across nearly all sectors, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The New York Fed measures borrowing for mortgages, student loans, credit cards, and auto loans, while keeping tabs on loan delinquencies. The report is designed to help community groups, small businesses, […]

Can a Debt Collector Come After Me for My Ex’s Gym Membership?

A reader, Nena, recently reached out to us after a debt collector contacted her about money owed on a contract with a health club — only it was her boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) who had been paying and who had stopped. I have a situation where my boyfriend had opened a contract and added me on […]

CarMax Inc Analyst Rating Update

CarMax Inc (NYSE:KMX) witnessed a decline in the market cap on Tuesday as its shares dropped 1.38% or 0.81 points. After the session commenced at $58.65, the stock reached the higher end at $59.55 while it hit a low of $57.75. With the volume soaring to 2,286,516 shares, the last trade was called at $57.96. […]

Asbury Automotive Group Inc Analyst Rating Update

Asbury Automotive Group Inc (NYSE:ABG) rose 1.05% or 0.84 points on Tuesday and made its way into the gainers of the day. After trading began at $80 the stock was seen hitting $80.91 as a peak level and $79.2 as the lowest level. The stock ended up at $80.82. The daily volume was measured at […]

In 35 years, Nigeria could be the automotive capital of Africa

But GDP growth was not the sole condition necessary for the automobile industry to boom. With 63% of Nigerians unable to afford a car without some form of financial support (pdf, pg 10), facilitating access to vehicle financing loans is also important. Last year, less than a third of all new cars sold in Nigeria, […]

The Email Mistake That Can Hurt Your Credit

Every time I look at my inbox, I almost always have about half a dozen new emails from retailers that want me to buy their stuff. And these retailers often use amazingly compelling subject lines so that I feel like I have to click and see what unbeatable deal I’m missing. Now, as we head […]

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