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1MDB’s Lenders Threaten to Put Malaysian State Investment Firm in Default

A group of Malaysian banks have threatened to put the 1Malaysia Development Bhd. in default if it fails to repay a 2 billion ringgit ($550 million) loan by the deadline at the end of the month, in a rare case of the country’s local banks taking on one of the country’s biggest state investment firms. […]

Taiwan banks eye lead roles on loans for China clients

Taiwan banks eye lead roles on loans for China clients Taiwanese banks are stepping up activity in off and onshore deals for Chinese borrowers as they increasingly look overseas to grow their business. Lenders including CTBC Bank and Fubon Bank are focusing on moving up the relationship ladder to assume more senior roles in syndicated […]

Funding – Keep It In The Family But Keep It Professional

Let’s start with a quick round of applause for “friends and family.” According to a survey published in January by UK business lender Everline, nearly a third of small companies – 30% to be precise – are borrowing from friends and family rather than from banks. That’s not just seed money but also the funding […]

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse’s Financial Habits?

Play along with another episode of Money Match, the game show in which married couples find out just how in sync they are with their finances.

Foreign currency availability in market improves: FEDCOC

There has been a “breakthrough” in foreign currency reserves needed to import raw materials, factory components and basic commodities, said Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) Head Ahmed El-Wakil. In a statement, El-Wakil said the General Division of Importers within the federation has confirmed the development in foreign currency availability. He attributed the improvement […]

Can a Bitcoin-style virtual currency solve the Greek financial crisis?

There’s almost no upside to a eurocrisis. You become part of a rolling maul of politicians, journalists and economists ripping and gouging at each other, both in private and on Twitter. The only advantage of being there is that it forces you to think laterally about money. Soon – if the Greek crisis is not […]

Asia’s Looming Currency War?

Central banks are not waging a currency war. Their actions, which may seem warlike on the surface, arise from far more benign motives. Many Central Banks have mandated inflation targets, and in most regions inflation is below target. With a slowing global economy, there had been few ways to keep inflation up to code. But […]

Small Business Confidence Holds Steady, but Worries Increase Over Cyber …

Entrepreneurs are more optimistic than theyve been in years, but that doesnt mean you ought to rest easy. Lingering questions regarding consumer spending weakness, government gridlock and worldwide economic uncertaintyare surely weighing heavily on your mind these days. Plus, its increasingly evident that cyber attacks are no longer just a problem for giant companies. This […]

Denmark’s Currency Loses Its Appeal for Biggest Commercial Fund

(Bloomberg) — The return on krone-denominated assets is now so low that Denmark’s biggest commercial fund no longer finds them attractive. Central bank efforts to prevent the krone strengthening beyond the limits of its peg to the euro have forced it to cut interest rates four times this year and deliver record currency- market interventions. […]

Sharing the Small Business Love [Infographic]

Editors Note: The following is a guest post from Brock Blake, president and CEO of Lendio,a marketplace lending platform that connects small businesses with small business lenders in the US. Blake writes in to discuss the difficulties of small businesses attaining credit for growth. You can follow the latest from his company @Lendio. As always, […]

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