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XRay: A New Tool for Tracking the Use of Personal Data on the Web

A real problem with personal data today is that the terms of trade so often seem both opaque and askew. Browse for information, send messages or go shopping online and data about you, your habits and your preferences go off into the digital ether. What happens to it, who sees it and what inferences are […]

Chief Financial Officer says UPMC is holding its own

UPMC is well positioned going into the final four months of its contract with insurer Highmark, its top financial officer said Wednesday, as the Pittsburgh health giant continues to gain share in a shrinking market. Weve been preparing for this for five years, said chief financial officer Robert DeMichiei, instituting cost management initiatives, investing in […]

NEVS Granted Bankruptcy Protection, Loses Right to Saab Name

Chinas National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), which rescued the Saab brand from bankruptcy in 2012, has now itself been granted bankruptcy protection while it raises money to pay off debt. The auto company stopped production back in May because it was short on money, owing over $57 million to creditors. In an earlier announcement, it […]

‘Die Hard’ Director John McTiernan Reveals Next Film Projects at Bankruptcy …

Stick around a Wyoming bankruptcy court long enough and youll never know what youll hear — John Travolta signing up for a forthcoming Top Gun-type film, a lack of universal love for the acting chops of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and most especially, what in the world Die Hard director John McTiernan has been up to lately. […]

"F" Words, Financial Services and You

Did you know two major wars are being fought in the financial services industry and their outcomes impact you? One of the adversaries is Wall Street. It represents everything that is bad about the financial services industry. The other side is the RIAs (Registered Investment Advisers). They represent everything that is good about the financial […]

Bankruptcy helped former Lions DT Luther Elliss grow teach others

ALLEN PARK, Mich. — Former Detroit Lions fan favorite Luther Elliss is trying to help young NFL players from making the mistakes that he made. In 2010, six years after a football career that paid him around $11 million in salary had ended, Elliss filed for bankruptcy. Hes now sharing his story with current players, […]

Weathering the Financial Ups and Downs of Freelance Life

About John Schmoll is the founder of, a personal finance blog dedicated to raising financial literacy and promoting freedom through frugality. In addition to being a Dad, MBA grad and professional blogger, John has more than 10 years of experience working within the financial services, insurance and banking industries. John has written extensively on […]

Financial planners milk trillions

More than half a million Australians may have received shoddy advice from financial planners, many of whom have little training, according to reports by Fairfax Media. Oh come on now, Fairfax! Get serious. That is preposterous. We knowmillionsof Australians have been given shoddy financial advice, or paid for shoddy advice, or been gouged by high […]

Texas Car Lender Is Accused of Distortion in Subprime Inquiry

The cycle is a familiar one on Wall Street. First comes a lending boom. And then, after the abuses and excesses of a bubble, there is the government crackdown. Now, as federal prosecutors and regulators wrap up many of their largest mortgage investigations, they are shifting their focus to another lending boom underway: the market […]

The Next Big Thing You Missed: Startup Offers Payday Advances Without the …

Payday lenders arent the most scrupulous of operations. Preying on the desperation of people who dont have enough money to make it to their next payday, these lenders dole out short-term loans with exorbitant interest rates, forcing already cash-strapped customers deeper into debt. And while many have tried to reform the payday lending industry, were […]

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