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Money-saving expert Martin Lewis: How to boost your credit rating

MONEY: Finance guru Martin Lewis helps people save money on things like bills, credit cards and mortgages [PH/GETTY ] Managing your money can be tricky with all the jargon and lengthy terms and conditions. And thats where Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis steps in. The finance guru has been helping people with their money woes […]

Bad Credit No Longer a Problem at Wildcat Ford

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) March 05, 2014 Wildcat Ford is now providing credit amnesty to all customers. The difference in buying a new or quality pre-owned vehicle can be several points on your credit score. This is no longer an issue at Wildcat Ford thanks to their new credit center. Customers are capable of applying instantly […]

Luxury Does Not Attract Respect

I FIND myself worried about the current financial state and future of the Namibian people. As I walk through the city centre, I cant help but notice the multitude of cash loan establishments (micro lenders) and I wonder just how many of these establishments there are in Windhoek alone. Also, why on earth are there […]

Finding Out How Much You’re Approved For

The hardest part about budgeting for an auto loan with bad credit is not knowing how much youre even going to be approved for. How can you prepare for an unknown cost? It just so happens that at Auto Credit Express, we have something of a crystal ball free and available for your use. Read […]

Bad Credit Auto Loans at Record Low Interest Rates with Complete Auto Loans

Bad Credit Auto Loans at Record Low Interest Rates with Complete Auto Loans The US car market is surging forward with the new loan services offered by Complete Auto Loans. Their new auto loan policies allow young drivers with no credit and car shoppers with bad credit to easily get a loan with little to […]

New All-Electric School Bus Saves California District $10000+ Per Year

We don’t have to wait any longer for all-electric school bus transport in the US. The Kings Canyon Unified School District in Californias San Joaquin Valley is paving the way for districts across the nation to provide students with zero-emissions transport. The district has four of these electric school buses on the way from Trans […]

How to Create 5.8 Million Jobs Pronto – Stop Currency Manipulation

Want to know how to create up to 5.8 million jobs in three years? End currency manipulation. So says a new study released from the Economic Policy Institute. If currency manipulation was stopped, the US trade deficit would shrink by up to $500 billion in three years, annual GDP would increase up to $720 billion, […]

AlchemyAPI aims deep learning at ad inventory

Taxonomy API covers 1,000 topic categories with five levels of hierarchy. Publishers and advertisers can create categories on any phrase to target niche terms. Heres the description of the Taxonomy API: Deeper levels allow you to classify content into more accurate and lucrative sub segments. For instance, an application focused on identifying content discussing personal […]

Financing a Car With Bad Credit Is Now Available in Portland Oregon with …

Now getting an auto loan in Portland Oregon is easy as Complete Auto Loans opens up a new service area to serve car shoppers with low interest loans. Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) March 25, 2014 The national consumer resource for auto loans is excited to announce that they are offering the residents of Portland Oregon low […]

Credit Scores Are the Latest Addition to Credit Card Statements

If it doesnt already, your credit card statement may soon contain some new information. Alongside your rewards points, account balance and due date, you may find three more digits: your credit score. While it used to be you needed to pay $20 or more to check your FICO credit score, major card issuers such as […]

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